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Meet Sue, a Georgia and New York state licensed cosmetologist and certified lash technician, currently servicing Cumming and surrounding areas.

After pursuing a traditional career path and earning a bachelors degree in the sciences, the need for a passion driven career became first priority. Originally specializing in bridal hair and color corrections, the focus of cosmetic services lead Sue into the lash field. Consistently learning all available techniques and safety precautions, she continually strives to meet the needs and satisfaction of the beauty community.


Lash Extensions


Just as the name states, the classic set is where the revolution began, this original method attaches a single lash extension to a single natural lash. The search for the perfect mascara is over! Wake up with a smudge free, waterproof mascara look everyday, without the hassle of applying makeup daily.


If sparse lashes is your main concern, the volume set is for you! With a wide variety of sizes, volume lashes can range from super natural to extremely glamorous.


A combination of classic and volume, the hybrid set achieves fullness AND definition. Hybrid sets can be designed according to your specific wants and needs. Wispy, natural, full, any look is possible!

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